Hello,My name is Karel, I’m a director and I wanted to introduce myself and my work to you.

I graduated a little over a year ago from the London Film School with a commercial for a video game which won a bunch of awards and gained me the opportunity to direct some actual commercials for Microsoft, Capcom and Ubisoft. I really thrived during these real world experiences, learning to balance artistic, client and agency perspectives.

I am determined to keep pursuing a career as a live-action commercials director with a penchant for VFX. I love making an impression in just a minute. Apart from that, I’m also developing a short film script for a character driven sci-fi piece which I intend to make into a reality over the coming year. One of the awards I won for my grad film was a post-production budget valid till the end of 2013 and I don’t intend to let that go to waste:-) It is because you are involved in both top commercials work and film development that I felt I had to write to you.

If you have the time I would be very keen to introduce myself in person, even if it’s very briefly, and have a chat about how you work and what you look for. Any advice you may have could be invaluable for a young professional like myself.

Thank you very much

Directing Reel

Winner – Best Commercial – Hollyshorts Film Festival, US, 2012
Winner – Best Commercial – Burbank International Film Festival, US, 2012
Winner – Award of Merit – Best Shorts Competition, US, 2012
Winner – Ad Spot Gold Award – Prestige Film Award, US, 2012
Winner – Best Spec Commercial – BeFilm Underground Film Festival, US, 2012
Winner – Golden Reel Award – Nevada International Film Festival, US, 2012
Official Selection – California International Short Festival, US, 2012
Official Selection – Silicon Valley Film Festival, US, 2012

Other work on Films and Music Videos



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